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Rana Industriterminal (RIT)

Also called the ‘steel works quay’. Four cranes. Rana Industriterminal AS (RIT) operates this facility on behalf of Mo Industripark AS (MIP). The terminal offers discharging/loading and storage. Mostly bulk cargo and scrap / steel products.

Storage area: 40 da q. Warehouse: 14 da.

Development area: 190 da.

RIT is connected to MIP with an industrial road.

Quay length: 410m – Depth SLW 8m – Cranes: 4 lifting capacity 35 ton.


Bulk cargo and tanker terminal. 1 crane & conveyor to Storage & factory. Transshipment from larger to smaller vessels.

Quay length 129/ 80m – Depth SLW 11/ 7,3m – 1 crane.

Also check out: www.moiranahavn.no

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